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Physical Health

If you don't have clear thinking and energy, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to learn and apply the skills needed for meaningful, satisfying and authentic relationships.  That's why we start with Energy Foods, then add Educational Opportunities and top it off with Empowerment Tools

Relational Health

What we eat affects our moods.  Our moods affect our relationships.  Our relationships can affect what we eat.  It can be a vicious cycle; one that can be replaced with a healthy cycle that is do-able and fun, complete with a time-tested, historic role model.   

We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for the whole person

in a gentle, non-condemning, do-able and fun way.  We respect and celebrate diversity and customize application as

basic truths are learned.

We believe healthy families are the foundation for vibrant and safe communities.  Each family is made up of key individuals that synergisticly make a contribution to society and history - much more powerfully and significantly together than one could on their own.  Understanding identity & using powerful relationship skills make that possible.  Energy and clear, sharp thinking obtained from nutrient dense foods empower that learning.    He

My family and I work together to provide many services that I could not offer on my own.  Whereas my passion is physical and relational health.  my husband and five sons bring powerful, life-changing information that works together to enhance this health building lifestyle, i.e. budgeting/investing, identity coaching, physical education/sports, end of life issues, & legal support.

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Public School Boys Basketball

High School Boys who went on to a 6A State Championship

Private Schools

Enrichment for Health Classes and Consultations for applying the teaching in the entire school.

College Students

@John Brown University who wanted Energy in January = JANERGY

Our venues

Our venues meet various needs and enhance the Natural Health learning via the close-at-hand-in-town studio; the relaxing, natural setting in the ocuntry just an hour outside of Tulsa; faith-based & community settings, and various classes around town (Whole Foods, William Sonoma, The Stock Pot, Sprouts, etc.) 

Life Learning & Resource Center 

‣  Dignity/Respect

‣  Relationship skills

‣   Purpose discovered

‣   Identity strengthened

Community Safety

Women's Retreats and Asbury Univeristy

Mothers, Grandmothers … and an Air Traffic Controller!