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I've been told I function as a "broker" for the needs of families! 

It's in our DNA to be healthy, sur- rounded by meaningful relationships, capable in our financial responsi- bilities and influential in the community.

There are basic, key components that everyone needs for building physical and relational health.    It's so much easier and the rate of success so much higher when we "fly in a V" so plan to join a group!  Pick an area you're ready to focus on, purchase and start reading the book, sign up for a class and let's get started!  It will be fun that lasts! We're so glad you're here!

As a mother of 5 delightful sons, mother-in-law to 5 beautiful ladies, a grandmother 14 times (and counting) also part of an extended family of 55 (and growing), I care deeply about strong, healthy bodies and meaningful, authentic relationships.  Without them, the rest of life looses much.  I've taken the things I've learned as a Naturopathic Doctor, OK Supreme Court Mediator, Raw Chef, P.L.A.C.E. Identity Coach, Prepare and Enrich Marriage Counselor, and Trainer for Bridges Out of Poverty and put them together to create a do-able and fun package for building healthy bodies and strong, authentic relationships. 

Rich, poor, or anywhere in between, everyone has the same amount of time.  One has to MAKE time to nurture your relationships and provide nutrition to your body.  In history thyme boughs symbolized courage.  In our crazy- fun, fast-paced culture, it takes courage to counter-culturally adjust your priorities to nurture that which brings LIFE, HEALTH and MEANING to your existence; i.e. physical and relational health. Join us as we  educate  and empower  for just that!



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 ‣  SYMPTOM SURVEY For identifying

    nutritional deficiencies.  . 

 CONSULTATIONS to customize your plan.

 DANIEL Challenge Charts 

 DANIEL Activity Book for children.

 The Daniel FEAST For building healthy bodies

    and strong relationships.

 P.L.A.C.E. Assessments for strengthening

    your IDENTITY.

withBetsy Gwartney Catrett

to learn & grow.

Life Learning & Resource Center 

We have do-able and fun resources --and a variety of options that will make significant contributions into your physical and relational health.  We suggest you start with my book The Daniel FEAST to get your energy levels enhanced.

 From Pain to Gain to turn life's hurts into

   validation for your service to others.  

 CLASSES to learn more -- with others.